Nutrition Information

If you're like us, you already know that our blooms are a little bit of a sweet indulgence to be enjoyed responsibly! For those of you who want to work out exactly how many sit-ups you need to do to make your gift a guilt-free treat, we've provided the nutritional information for our chocolates below. 

Chocolate Nutritional Information

  Chocolatier Star
(12.5g serve)
Chocolatier Heart
(8g serve)
Lidnt Balls
(12.5g serve)
Ferrero Rocher
(12.5g serve)

Gold Coins
(20g serve)

Energy 39cal 45cal 77cal 73cal 82cal 102cal
Protein 0.5g 0.6g 0.6g 1g 1g 1.3g
Fat - total 2.6g 4g 5.9g 5.2g 5.6g 5.2g
Fat - saturated 1.6g 1.9g 4.4g 1.7g 1.6g 3.3g
Carbohydrate 3.5g 4g 5.5g 5.4g 6.7g 12.2g
sugars 3.5g 3.9g 5.4g 4.9g 5.9g 11.9g
Sodium 5mg 6mg 15.3mg 7mg 1mg 21.9mg

WARNING: Our products may contain traces of nuts and other allergens. We do not take responsibility for any reaction caused by the consumption of our chocolates and cookies by people with dietary allergies. Please contact us for information about our range of Gluten-free products.