Kristian (12th August 2017)

Date Posted:12 August 2017 

I ordered a Pastel Luxury Bouquet with extra chocolates. It was delivered on the agreed day to the agreed address. I was then met with a very happy phone call. I wasn't sure whether the extra chocolates would be a separate package or not, but to our delight they were included in the bouquet to make it even more impressive.

So everything was perfect, when I arrived at my girlfriend's place I was met with a very thankful kiss and cuddle. But that was when things escalated, I was offered a chocolate and when i selected one, I was unaware that I had chosen a salted caramel Lindt ball, I turned around to be confronted with a very angry and territorial chocolate loving female. There was a small struggle before I broke free and made a dash for freedom, so thanks Edible Blooms, for providing the wedge that was forced between myself and the potential love of my life.

But in all seriousness the bouquet was exceptional and has had pics of it shown to all of her friends who were all equally as impressed.

We are still enjoying the odd indulgence from the dining table centre piece (of course I only eat the chocolates I am handed, I want to keep all of my fingers).

15 out of 10 for every aspect of my experience.

Thank you so very much Edible Blooms!