Sandy (16th December 2017)

Date Posted:16 December 2017 

 I am thrilled with Edible Blooms. This was my first dealings with you and from the moment I logged onto your site, made the booking, spoke to someone on the phone to double check info and the delivery arrived everything was fabulous. I have raved about you to a lot of people. The bucket of love and the 2 bottles of piccolo were a brilliant idea for the situation of a close friend losing her mum suddenly. I'm not a fan of sending flowers (love flowers left in the garden), so this was something different and just what was needed for them all after all the organising that goes into a funeral they managed to sit around eating our baked goods delivery we organised through their local bakery and then the chocolates and bottle of plonk in the evening.  Thanks Edibleblooms  = I just noticed someone bought a donut bouquet - so I'm going to google that now ha !!! Keep up the awesome work and was happy also with the cost (since had 10 of us to split the cost up). But a reasonable cost.... Sandy