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Awe-inspiring and spectacular, WICKED is the untold story of the witches of Oz. Long before Dorothy dropped in, two other girls meet in the land of Oz. WICKED tells the enthralling story of two unlikely friends and how they became the wicked witch of the west and Glinda the Good. 

Since its 2003 debut on Broadway, WICKED has broken box office records around the world. So if you're yet to see the show live - or are so entranced that you'd love to see it again - get in quick! Click here to book tickets.

Thank you for all your entries, it was very hard to choose the winners, but in the end it came down to these 2:

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“I was about 5 years old. I was sitting with my Grandpa down in the back of the garden after helping him pick up the apples that had fallen from the tree. He reached into his pocket and gave me 4 squares of his own secret chocolate stash and being told no to tell Nanna about where he kept his chocolate hidden in the garden shed. Those 4 squares were the sweetest chocolate I ever tasted.” Jeannie H

“Like it was yesterday.. I remember accompanying my beautiful Mum on a trip to the markets to "help" at about 5 years of age. Whilst she ordered at the counter of the Providore I became transfixed as my eyes came across what seemed to be an immense chocolate fountain. Much to Mum's mortification I simply had to immerse my entire hand into that magical flow to ensure my eyes were not deceiving me!” Jessica L

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