Edible Blooms Testimonials

"Very easy to order. The recipient loved the gift."
Emma 7th of December 2018
"Easy to order, kept up to date with delivery, and my friend loved the Orchid."
Sarah 7th of December 2018
"Would always pick Edible Blooms as a gift delivery. Excellent service and product."
Hannah 7th of December 2018
"Beautiful as always - one of my fav suppliers."
Anne 7th of December 2018
" I organised the edible Christmas tree and two bouquets to be delivered to my son’s school. I was contacted by the school as the staff were impressed with the products, as the way beautifully presented and the chocolates were delicious. I was very happy that your product exceeded all expectations. Will definitely be ordering again."
Silvia (7th December 2018)
"Absolutely fabulous. I had left it late to place my order and did not think I could get next day service. Thrilled to bits my order arrived the very next day. Great work Edible Blooms. "
Michelle 3 December 2018
"So excellent service and team work by Edible Blooms staff and courier company. Thank you indeed"
Adlene 3 December 2018
" It was amazing the chocolates were perfect "
Amanda 3 December 2018
" Recipient was really happy with the bloom gift selected and it arrived the next day. Thanks for bringing joy to someone's day"
Leh 3 December 2018
" Great service thanks"
Brian 3 December 2018
" Professional, efficient, made the customer's day."
Damien 3 December 2018
" Great delivery (next morning) and recipients were wrapt with the gift."
Damien 3 December 2018
" Was great, however his secretary opened it. Happy with service "
Darianne 3 December 2018
"Something gorgeous and big enough to make someones day. Beautifully put together just like the images. Will definitely purchase for others in the future "
Deniz 3 December 2018
" I was happy with product and delivery service of the gift I chose. Thank you "
Giovanna 3 December 2018
" Perfect thank you! It was super easy to organise and the recipient was very happy."
Jade 3 December 2018
" Excellent experience. Delivery was on time and packaged well. Very happy thank you."
Simone 3 December 2018
"So easy to order.I have been using Edible Blooms in NZ for years so was delighted to see one in Australia too.The recipient of my gift was over the moon!!! "
Karen 3 December 2018
" Delivered on time & a beautiful gift to both send and receive "
Barbara 3 December 2018
" Easy to order and product was loved"
Kristen 3 December 2018