Edible Blooms Testimonials

" Perfect"
Jessica 3 December 2018
" Could not be happier the recipient of my gift was so happy and it arrived exactly when I needed it "
Paula 3 December 2018
" The poinsettia centrepiece bouquets created a festive touch to our tables for our annual luncheon and looked great!"
Peta 3 December 2018
" Delivered on time, without any issues"
Henry 3 December 2018
" Very efficient"
Irene 3 December 2018
"It was very easy & simple to order. The quality of the product was very good & reasonably priced. I appreciated the text message to say the gift was successfully delivered. "
Chris 3 December 2018
"The gift was amazing. The recipient commented that the strawberries were deliciously sweet! Thank you so much for your fabulous service! "
Sonya 3 December 2018
"Gorgeous bouquet delivered as arranged. Great follow up service. Would definitely recommend. Great South Australian company & service."
Stephanie 3 December 2018
"Great service!! The bloom arrived on time and l was notified telling me the perishable bloom had been delivered. Im very happy with sevice and the bloom, I would definitely use edible blooms again."
Susan 3 December 2018
"Was very happy with the gift delivery experience. It was simple, and efficient."
Tersia (4th December 2018)
"You guys are always fantastic."
Aisha (4th December 2018)
"Very happy with the delivery and quality. Thanks !"
Gaby (4th December 2018)
"Perfect gift and service."
Ragini (4th December 2018)
"Very easy and efficient."
Natasha (4th December 2018)
"Extremely happy."
Steph (4th December 2018)
"Very happy with your service; able to speak to someone and have delivery on the same day is awesome and have receipt for this transaction shows professionalism. Thanking you."
Viviann (4th December 2018)
"Great product, easy to order, and achieved its desired reaction "
Rob 3rd December 2018
"My sister thought the love hearts post was tremendous. She had just lost her husband."
Sylvia 3rd December 2018
"Amazing products, great service! "
Angela 3rd December 2018
"Excellent. It arrived on time and my friend called it a "sweet surprise""
Anna 3rd December 2018