Green Thumb Gifts Testimonials

" They loved it - as has every person to whom I have I sent Edible Blooms. "
Kathryn (6th December 2017)
" It was a super easy way to give a fabulous gift to a special teacher. She loved it! Thank you! "
Kim (6th December 2017)
" The lemon tree arrived on time and the recipient was delighted. Thank you "
Glenys (4th December 2017)
" I am very happy with this service. The staff member who helped me on the phone was very helpful and the gift was delivered when promised. Thank you! "
Sian (4th December 2017)
" My beautiful guy was VERY impressed with every facet of the gift I purchased. Thank u so very much because this is person I really love and want to please "
Elaine (1st December 2017)
" Makes gift giving easy! "
Michelle (1st December 2017)
" I have now used Edible Blooms twice and on both occasions it has been great. Recipients have been very happy. Thank you. "
Kim (27th November 2017)
" We are so happy with our order....... THANK YOU so much "
Ben (27th November 2017)
" I spent money on a plant, the plant arrived promptly, it's a good plant. I am considering buying another plant. All in all things worked out. "
Kaleb (26th November 2017)
" Very happy with the service and delivery, will order again "
Karen 24th November 2017
" Easy online ordering. Friend loved her gift. "
Lisa 24th November 2017
" Very happy "
Samantha (19th November 2017)
"As usual with this company my friends gift arrived on time and in perfect condition. its great to be able to order gifts from the uk with peace of mind."
Caroline 10th November 2017
"Very easy to order. Delivered in said time frame. Recipient was delighted with gift."
Debra 10th November
" Apparently the orchid is beautiful and it was delivered exactly when I requested."
Caroline 10th November 2017
"Will definitely order again, so easy to order and recipient loved the gift."
Mikaela 10th November 2017
" The recipient just loved it :) thanks so much."
Kirstie 9th November 2017
"Beautiful options, Size options, Delivery options for every price range and occasion."
Reginald 9th November 2017
"Our native wooly pine was delivered on time and packaged in a very presentable and charming way. This living gift was greatly appreciated. Thank you Edible Blooms"
Terry 9th November 2017
" My friend absolutely loved receiving her plant from Green Thumb really made her day as she recovers from a health scare. The ordering process was so easy and I was contacted immediately when the original pot I ordered had to be modified so I could change the order if necessary. I look forward to using Edible Blooms again! "
Emma (4th November 2017)